• Author, Maintainer
    Translated into 30 languages and averaging over 10K visitors a week, Elixir School is the leading resource for learning the Elixir programming language.
  • Creator
    Discover new recipes, import grandma's favorites, plan your meals, and your groceries are ready for you.
  • Co-host
    The Elixir community's source for news and updates.
  • Core Team
    The go-to authentication and JWT library in the Elixir community.
  • Core Team
    Integrate third-party OAuth into your applications with ease. Strategies for Google, Facebook, GitHub, Instagram, and many more are available today.
  • Creator
    A simple and intuitive authorization library for Plug-based applications such as Phoenix.
  • Creator, Maintainer
    The Slim markup implementation and supporting libraries for Elixir.
  • Creator
    A collection of companies that currently use Elixir in production.

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