Sean Callan
A trusted software engineer with a proven track record solving difficult problems with smart solutions.

Since discovering it at a young age, I have diligently pursued the craft of software engineering for nearly 20 years. Over that time I have built my own companies, designed and developed critical business systems, and led development on billion dollar projects. Through these diverse experiences I have the foundation to tackle the most difficult challenges. Whether it's leading a team, planning product roadmaps, or developing smart solutions to tough problems, I have the tools and the know-how to see things through to success and on time.

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Work Experience

Wombat Security
Wexus Technologies
Red Hat
Booz Allen Hamilton
Bearing Point
United States Department of Homeland Security
United States Department of Defense
United States Senate
Berkner Group


Author, Maintainer

Translated into 30 languages and averaging over 10K visitors a week, Elixir School is the leading resource for learning the Elixir programming language.



Discover new recipes, import grandma's favorites, plan your meals, and your groceries are ready for you.

Elixir Fountain podcast


The Elixir community's source for news and updates.


Core Team

The go-to authentication and JWT library in the Elixir community.


Core Team

Integrate third-party OAuth into your applications with ease. Strategies for Google, Facebook, GitHub, Instagram, and many more are available today.



A simple and intuitive authorization library for Plug-based applications such as Phoenix.


Creator, Maintainer

The Slim markup implementation and supporting libraries for Elixir.


A collection of companies that currently use Elixir in production.